What is Demi-Fine Jewellery?

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In recent years, Demi-Fine Jewellery has burst onto the jewellery scene, but have you ever wondered what this new category of jewellery actually is?  


Fine, Costume and Fashion are all widely accepted categories when it comes to jewellery. While each has a time and a place in a woman’s jewellery box, none of them quite answers the modern woman’s desire for pieces that are both high quality and stylish while remaining affordable. Fine Jewellery is too expensive for many women to consider for anything other than their engagement ring; Costume Jewellery, though flamboyant in design is often made from clever imitations of precious and semi-precious gemstones such as glass and brass; and Fashion Jewellery is a High Street quick-fix made from crystals, plastic and plated alloys built to last a just season.

Bridging this gap between the categories is Demi-Fine Jewellery, which combines elements of Fine Jewellery – think precious metals, semi-precious gemstones and high-end finishes – with the playful creativity of Costume and Fashion Jewellery.

Hitting the sweet spot between Fine and Costume jewellery, Demi Fine pieces are made from gold vermeil, solid sterling silver and colourful semi-precious gemstones, meaning that designs can be worn on a daily basis without running the risk of discolouration or of damaging a rare precious stone.

With every day wear in mind, the Demi-Fine aesthetic is decidedly understated. Pieces are modern yet timeless, characterised by delicate proportions and simple, organic shapes that are brought to life by colourful gemstones such as chrysoprase, amethyst and blue topaz.

Visually commanding yet versatile, Demi-Fine jewellery is highly stackable and collectable. It is less about carat size than it is about being able to express your personality through beautiful pieces of wearable jewellery. And, with a variety of designs and colours to choose from including dainty Huggie Hoops in textured gold, delicate Knot Bracelets studded with moderately-sized gemstones, engravable Initial Pendants, and vibrant gemstone Stacking Rings the opportunities are endless.

Expressive and characterful, pieces are meant to be layered, mixed and matched. Indeed, there are no rules when it comes to styling Demi-Fine jewellery, pieces can be worn alone for a paired-back look or layered to create an individual jewellery style. Blend metals and stacks according to personal preference or mood, whether that means creating a sweeping stack of translucent rings in blue topaz to peridot, or embracing a colourful neckline decorated with sunny citrine, robust rhodolite and inky iolite.

Far more affordable than traditional fine jewellery, Demi-Fine jewellery is its modern, more playful sister. It’s a little bit of luxury to wear every day however you like to style it.

For tips on how to create the perfect stack visit our Stacking Guide, or browse our Collections to create your own look.

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